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Bare-knuckle boxing — two individuals participate to fight against each other https://mansfieldpointeclaire.ca/personal-training without using boxing gloves or any other type of padding on their hands. Banger Racing — racing event which is done on a dirt track using scrap cars. Auto Racing — a sport involving the racing of automobiles for competition.

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  • Judo — the objective is to throw or takedown the opposing player to the ground.
  • Bat-and-Trap — an old English bat and ball game, in which a ball is projected into the air out of a trap using a bat, and then hit between posts 21 feet away.
  • There is a hard table divided by a net, a small light ball, and paddles are used.

Futsal — a variant of association football played on a smaller field usually indoors. Frisian Handball — a traditional sport from the Netherlands in which players attempt to land a ball at the end of a long rectangular field. Floorball — a type of floor hockey sport played indoors, popular in Nordic countries.

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Stick-Fighting — a type of martial arts which uses a hand-held long slender wooden stick for fighting. Variations include singlestick and canne de combat. Sprint Kayaking — sprint kayak racing on flat water over distances from 200m to 1000m. Sprint Car Racing — a racing sport that involves direct racing of high-powered small cars. Sports Car Racing — a type of auto racing, in which sports cars are used. Speed Skating — 4 to 8 skaters racing around an oval ice track towards the finish line.

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There were too many to describe on just one page, so here we have a short description of just the sports starting with the letter ‘C’. If there is a sport missing or some information is incorrect, please make a comment below. I finish with an ancient racket sport from Italy. This was invented during the 16th Century in the northern provinces. This is very similar to the backyard game of swingball. Courts are slightly smaller than tennis courts, but have a similar net.

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Open Water Swimming — competitive swimming races conducted over various distances held in rivers, lakes and oceans. Okinawan Kobudō — weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts, also known as Ryūkyū Kobujutsu. Novuss — a national sport in Latvia, with similarities to carrom and pocket billiards. Played on a 1-meter square wooden board with pockets in each corner. A small cue stick is used to strike a puck to hit small discs into the pockets. Nordic Combined — a Winter Olympics sport in which athletes compete in a combined event of Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Jumping.

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