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But seriously, on second reading I applaud how concise and descriptive this book truly is. It might take a few times to get into it, but you’ll come away with a very interesting perspective. I thought I would give 4 stars but the last section of the book changed my mind. Some of Terrence’s ideas are very interesting like I could see how human kind developed creativity to use tools and developed a language or form of communication through hallucinogenic experiences. Terence McKenna had an engaging narrative and a gift for language. But ultimately it just isn’t good science, and for that alone I can’t recommend it.

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  • Then at slightly higher doses, he contended, the mushroom acts to sexually arouse, leading to a higher level of attention, more energy in the organism, and potential erection in the males, rendering it even more evolutionarily beneficial, as it would result in more offspring.
  • This drugs that instead of connecting us to reality and making us happier, are doing the contrary.
  • My humanistic psychology professor, Brian Bates, suggested that McKenna was rather difficult to deal with academically, but nevertheless I proceeded to give a talk on how I was starting to perceive that The Logos was gleaming out of the faces of the homeless on the streets of Brighton .
  • The idea is that if we take the sexual energies and add the spiritual and love energies then we come into perfect balance on an inner energy level.
  • Things go wrong at their experimental farm due to the incompetence of the couple charged with managing it.

And in fact, a 2011 paper in the Journal of Economic Botany hypothesized these small mushroom shapes resemble a kind of psychoactive mushroom native to the area called psilocybe hispanica. But the most interesting part of this painting is that his hands appear to be full of mushrooms and his body seems to be covered from head to toe in small mushrooms. Finally, at high doses psilocybin induces a transcendent state. Second, slightly larger doses of psilocybin stimulate restlessness and arousal.

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Starting from cocoa beans, through various processes of transformation , the food industry produces different types of chocolate with defined ingredients and characteristics . At one o’clock in the morning Don Aurelio reached a state of prophetic ecstasy. He then told the Wassons a fantastic story of what their son was experiencing in New York; and when they reached Mexico City a cable proved it to be uncannily true. The Mazatecs do not know the fly amanite; they eat nine varieties of a small brown, long-stalked, scented mushroom not hitherto known to science. By a coincidence the two letters arrived almost simultaneously.

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Although one may not agree with his solution that the entheogenic way is the only route towards our evolutionary destination and reforming society, the key role that hallucinogenic plants played in man’s past evolution and history is forcefully and convincingly argued. Much to learn from, especially if one is new to https://franklincountyfreshfoods.org/four-oaks-farmsllc-jerry-conner this subject. G. Wells’ lesser known works, The Food of the Gods tells an often used story about science tampering with nature and the unanticipated consequences that might occur. After scientists come up with a new growth agent in an attempt to increase food supplies to the benefit of mankind, things get out of control resulting in giant animals and insects disrupt society and children who have been fed the „enhanced“ foods grow to be giants as well.

It also makes you think about the situation with drugs in our present. In my country, psychedelics are illegal, but there’s a clear sort of agreement between government and narcos that benefits them both, meanwhile the people suffer. So there’s barely even a war on drugs going on, but the punishments for consuming and the social stigma is still there and the cartels keep growing.

I thought this was a more science based look in to the affects of psychedelics as it applies to human consciousness, depression, meaning, etc. Especially related to the biological evolution of our minds. Fingerprints of the Gods is the revolutionary rewrite of history that has persuaded millions of listeners throughout the world to change their preconceptions about the history behind modern society. An intellectual detective story, this unique history audiobook directs probing questions at orthodox history, presenting disturbing new evidence that historians have tried – but failed – to explain.

And maybe this time, in contrast to the wild 1960’s counterculture, these archaic sacraments can be reintroduced on a solid foundation and become an integral part of future mental health and individual religious inquiry. McKenna’s theory is not that archaic apes ate mushrooms and their brains grew bigger. Rather, he thinks hallucinogenic experiences opened their minds to novel ways of thinking, new patterns of behaving and more complex expressions of language and culture. This might include more effective and coordinated hunting strategies.

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I feel like this theory is vaguely possible but extremely sketchy. For one thing I believe the white race is effected differently than non whites by psycheldelics. Plus whites have much more powerful imaginations and the ability to create both in and out of their heads. I’m also not into how McKenna for a guy that thinks outside the box still blindly accepts the out of Africa theory for the origins of humanity. From the outside, these altered states of consciousness may be labeled as simply drug-induced hallucinations. And the lead researcher was shocked because in questionnaires collected a month after the studies,more than two-thirds of patients rate their psychedelic journey as one of the most important experiences of their life.

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After the waters clear, the survivors pile up the bodies of the rats, spilling the jars of „F.O.T.G.“ and gasoline on them before burning them. However, several of Mrs. Skinner’s jars of „F.O.T.G.“ are swept away, drifting to a mainland farm. The substance is consumed by dairy cows, and in the film’s closing scene, schoolchildren are shown unwittingly drinking the tainted milk, implying that they will also experience abnormal growth.

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